New Employee Profile – Sean McCluskey

New Employee Profile – Sean McCluskey

I was initially attracted becoming an AutoRek employee primarily due to the culture of the company; when considering the company, I had seen some of the recruitment campaign online that gave me some insight as to what it was like to work there and it absolutely blew me away – it seemed like a workplace culture which I had never experienced before where people genuinely do come first and where a strong sense of team spirit and an aspect of fun at work is key. Safe to say AutoRek has not let me down – if anything it keeps on surprising me again and again with more and more of the “little things” that make working here an absolute pleasure.

When I initially started my career; I started in IT with a basis in process testing, solutions development and project support. After a few years of this I fused this role with a move into the Business Development aspects and started engaging with clients to carve out new processes and to manage clients on a more personal level, this gave me a love for dealing with people whilst still retaining a strong technical involvement. AutoRek then offered me a great opportunity to find the perfect balance of these technical & client facing aspects in the Client Services team where I can now deal with clients on a fast paced and personal level whilst still retaining a strong technical involvement.

I like to think in my career up till now I have experienced two sides to the business world. A smaller sized company and larger global based company and neither of these have a culture anything like AutoRek. It is a truly unique place to work, it really does combine a hard-working environment, with a real sense of fun and sociability which combines to make a company that I absolutely love being a part of and one in which I believe I will be able to grow my career for a very long time.

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