Employee Profile: Steven McAllister

Employee Profile: Steven McAllister

When I joined AutoRek, around two and a half years ago, as a Junior Solutions Consultant I was amazed by the welcome I had.  Along with my job offer I received an invite to AutoRek’s 20th Anniversary Party, a two-night event at Cameron House for my partner and I.  Given that I would only become an employee a week or so before hand I was very surprised! Despite turning up feeling like a bit of a fraud everyone was very welcoming to both of us, and I left the celebrations with a feeling that AutoRek really care for their staff.


Working in the Consultancy team gave me the chance to develop a variety of skills.  I came from a SQL background, primarily for reporting, but I have learned a lot more from working here.  When you join AutoRek you will soon realise that everyone is willing to help each other out.  I found that after a short period of time people would be asking for my opinion on issues too, so there is a real opportunity for a new start to make a difference early on.


In my opinion the biggest strength you can develop is problem solving.  You find that each client you work with is looking for a bespoke solution and it’s not uncommon for requirements to come from left field.  On the face of it you may think ‘that can’t be done’, but if you look at it as a challenge it can be very rewarding to solve something that the client determines as a ‘big issue’.


After two years Consulting I was given the opportunity to become the Reporting Lead in a newly formed reporting team.  My role now involves supporting several projects with the creation of reports for our clients as well as developing a longer-term reporting strategy.  I am excited by the opportunity in this role to combine my past reporting experience with the knowledge I have gathered since joining AutoRek to make improvements to what we offer to clients.


My first impression of AutoRek as a company that cares for its staff has definitely be proven!  Management don’t just care about what you do while you are here but take in interest in you as a person.  Outside of work I am a keen photographer and because of this I was asked to do a photoshoot of some of the management and sales team for some headshots to be used in publications.  I was amazed to be asked and it gave me the chance to practice another skill that is important to me.  Granted I’ve never been asked to do a second shoot so maybe I didn’t do that good a job!


AutoRek is a really good place to work with a welcoming, positive culture.  Sometimes a lot can be asked of you but because your effort is well rewarded (be it Cameron House, nights out, pizza on a Friday or sometimes even just a thank you) I think it feels worth it.

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