Employee Profile: Kamil Teczkowski

Employee Profile: Kamil Teczkowski

My beginning with AutoRek was one of a kind and one I will always remember. I applied for the Management Accountant position at AutoRek. The interview was a fantastic experience and I left the AutoRek office with a positive attitude towards the company.

Not long after the interview AutoRek contacted me to inform me that I had unfortunately been unsuccessful, but they offered me a position in the QA Department. A completely different role to what I had applied for!

I received the best welcome in my career! Everyone was very supportive and made me feel at home. From the very beginning I was eager to study and develop my skills to be able to work with SQL databases. My chosen field of study also covers accountancy and I am now progressing towards my Chartered Qualifications.

Within the first three years of working at AutoRek I was given the opportunity to travel and work onsite with clients, allowing me to visit many different cities across the UK. Often, in my spare time in the evenings, I get the time to wonder around the cities and visit places of my interest.

Recently, I was given a promotion and I’m now based in a new team as a Consultant. My new role involves testing the AutoRek solution and installing the product on client site. I now travel more often and install AutoRek on various environments and overcoming some of the most challenging business requirements.

After 5 years I am confident in saying that AutoRek is the best company I have had the privilege to work for. Our positive attitude helps us to face even the most difficult challenges with a smile on our face. The ambient atmosphere in the office, opportunity to develop and many team activities like the Christmas party, London Treasure Hunt or even just a few beers after work makes this an incredible place to call ‘work’!

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