Employee Profile – Joanne Meney

Employee Profile – Joanne Meney

I have been working at AutoRek now for almost two years. I first joined as an apprentice studying Business Administration and Digital Marketing. The interview process went very well. I had two interviews in which I felt very welcome and left having a very good vibe about the office and the people. I received a call a few days later saying I had got the job and started only a few days later! After completing my apprenticeship, I was offered the role of Business Support Administrator and I was delighted to accept this role.

Being a Business Support Admin includes making sure the office is running smoothly – are there enough office supplies? Do we have enough drinks for the week? Have the new colleagues got everything they need? I am responsible for processing invoices, expenses and payments for the company as well as answering the main office telephone. My job is varied and I have the opportunity to develop my career within Business Support, this one of the main reasons I love working at AutoRek.

I love working at AutoRek. I love the friendships I’ve made and enjoy the fact that everyone gets on. There is never a dull moment! We are all like a big family and I feel that that is what makes AutoRek so special. My favourite moments would have to be the Annual AutoRek Away Day, the Christmas Parties and the experience of being in front of the camera for our careers promotional video.

I am looking forward to growing my career at AutoRek and expanding my knowledge in the financial side of things. I am beginning to work closely with our accountant and I am excited about learning the processes involved in the finance side of the business.

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